Everyone deserves a Highlands Brain.

 Learn English. Earn a High School Diploma. Get the skills you need. 

Must be a registered Highlands student to use the Brain.
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The next step into the Digital Era revolution is the Highlands Brain

 As technology continues to enhance how we live our everyday life, learn how Highlands Community Charter and Technical Schools is building a mobile application to simplify the student experience. 

  • Daily tasks

    Create, manage, and view your tasks from right inside the application. Brain makes it simple to upload your task link or photo directly for instant review.

  • Schedules

    With Brain you can view your class schedules and organize your courses. Its never been eaiser to view all your courses in one place.

  • Online Tutoring

    Join a Brain video room for lecture, tutoring, or having a class meeting. Connect with your teacher and classmates in the most seamless and colloborative way. 

  • Support

    Instantly chat or request help from staff or classmates using the Brain's chat feature. Video calling is another one of the great features of chat for recieving extra support. Everything you do on Brain is logged for future reference.

  • Digital attendance

     Attendance is actually fun. Students and staff are logged in seconds. Staff sends attendance logs with 1-click. It's too easy 

  • Calendar

    Keep track of your schedule on the go and never miss a event again. View all your events in day or month view. 

Highlands on the Web

Use on any device.

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Offering High School Diploma Program, English Language Classes and Career Technical Education at NO COST!

Did you miss out on your High School Diploma?
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Highlands Community Charter and Technical Schools can help! We are currently accepting students that are 22 years of age and older and do not yet have a U.S. High School Diploma.